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  • Franziska Lüke

  • Founder

Franziska Lüke was born in 1976 in Kirchheim / Teck, Germany. She studied architecture in Cologne / Germany and in Mendrisio / Switzerland.
While studying and after her diploma in 2002 she worked for various German architecture offices including Van den Valentyn where she was involved in the refurbishment of the “Reichstagspraesidenten Palais” in Berlin and the „Kommandantur unter den Linden 1“ as well as taking part in many architectural competitions.
2004 Franziska moved to Cape Town where she worked for “peerutin architects”. She was the design architect on “Intaba”, an office and residential block with 135 apartments and the project architect of a luxurious refurbishment on the atlantic seaboard.
In 2007 Franziska founded sisco architects. She has since worked in Cape Town and Seychelles on mainly residential projects.

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